August 10, 2012

Inspired Fashion Post: Pretty Little Liars Season 3

i have been keeping up with the pretty little liars every week
aside from the intense storyline, i like really some of the outfits that the 4 pretty liars were wearing in some of the episodes of season 3

spencer hastings

spencer usually wears preppy clothes but this orange maxi dress outfit is my favorite in season 3

Pretty Little Liars - Spencer

dress, necklace, bracelet, sandals

aria montgomery

aria is pretty girly in my opinion, most of her outfits are either skirts or dresses. i'm in love with this formal look of aria

Pretty Little Liars - Aria

dress, belt, heels, bag

emily fields

emily's style is pretty laid back and sometimes sporty. this outfit is ideal for a lazy sunday

Pretty Little Liars - Emily

tank top, shorts, shoes, hat, necklace

hanna marin

hanna's style is more bold comparing to the other girls. she would not go out without wearing heels!
Pretty Little Liars - Hanna

blouse, jeans, shoe, bag, bracelet

hope you like the outfits and feel free to comment!
waiting for the next episode!

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