February 3, 2013

L'Oreal Professionnel: Mythic Oil Nourishing Oil Review

I have been using the L'Oreal Mythic Oil for the past month after I finally asked my hair stylist what she put on my hair before she blew dry it at the salon.

My first impression was that this oil was very magical. After each visit from the hair salon, my hair will be very soft for a couple of days.

I grabbed mine from a beauty shop at a local shopping centre for $18 CAD. Which to my surprise wasn't all that expensive.

I applied 2 or 3 pumps of the product on my hair after I had a shower everyday. My hair looks shiny and feels very soft to touch after using this for a month.
It also said on the package that if you want extra shine to your hair you can apply a pump after drying your hair.

The oil is clear, feels very light and smells great.
It does not weigh down your hair and does not make your hair look greasy. It makes your hair stays shiny all day long.

Before using this product, I was trying to find ways to make my hair look more healthy. My hair was always frizzy and occasionally there were knots tied up in my hair. I can't avoid the use of hair dryer and heated styling tools everyday so my hair looks very unhealthy. This product definitely makes my hair healthier.

Two major ingredients in this product are avocado oil and grape seed oil.
It is known that avocado oil is used to treat dry hair and dandruff. They are rich in Vitamin A, E, and D which benefit hair growth and nourishment.
For grapeseed oil, it can prevent split-ends and leaves your hair shiny when applied.

I definitely would recommend this product. This is a good find at a reasonable price as well.

  • Reasonable price
  • Very light and smells great
  • Gives shine, reduce frizz
  • Improves overall healthiness of your hair

  • Can't think of any! :)

Available at: http://us.lorealprofessionnel.com/salon-locator

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  1. I am really pleased with this product so far. I just use a tiny bit on damp hair and my hair then feels really soft and the ends look much healthier.Jamaican Black Castor Oil