October 18, 2012

D-UP: Wonder Eyelid Tape Extra Review

D-UP Wonder Eyelid Tape Extra do wonders for me.
The first time I heard about this eyelid tape is from a youtuber/singer from Hong Kong (for those of you who are interested in the video is right here: http://youtu.be/fP2eFPqCTrk)

My right eye is monolid and my left eye is double lid, so it had been bothering me since I noticed this difference T^T... let's say for over 15 years...
After I watched the video I bought this eyelid tape in Hong Kong and tried it out, it was pretty difficult to use it to match my left eyelid so I abandoned it for a year. In 2011 I wanted to give this eyelid tape another try so I started practicing and wearing it almost everyday since.

I have been using D-Up Wonder Eyelid Tape Extra for almost two years now. I am very satisfy with the result. I have not used any other eyelid tape before because I cannot find any eyelid tape that has the similar pointy ends and width. The tape is really thin that's the reason why it is almost invisible when wearing it. I have already purchased at least 6 packs of this tape. I will panic if I have none left! I have one monolid so I only need one tape each day and I usually finish a pack in 3-4 months. There are 120 tapes each pack, if you need eyelid tape on both eyes then one pack should be enough for 2 months.
Above is my before and after photo wearing D-Up Wonder Eyelid Tape Extra. I did not put any eye make up on in those photo. It made my eye looked bigger and more focus.

One thing that this eyelid tape does not work well with is eye make up. Once you put some primer or eye shadow on the tape it instantly becomes less sticky. I suggest to those of you who regularly put on eye make up to leave the tape to the last step.

As the top photo indicate, the package provides a v-shaped applicator, 120 tapes separated on 3 different sheets, and instruction leaflet.

  • Thin and pointy ends
  • Almost invisible
  • Did not have any irritation wearing it since
  • It can be worn all day
  • Cannot put any eye makeup on when you are wearing it because it won't be as sticky
  • Becomes oily by the end of the day so the crease will not be as defined

Available at: yesstyle

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