August 7, 2012

Sephora Birthday Gift 2012: Fresh Sugar Kisses Lip Duo Review

it's time to share a lip care product with you all.
i got this fresh sugar lip moisturizer set from sephora few months ago.
in my opinion it's one of the best lip balm i ever used, especially the fresh sugar rose lip balm.

the main difference between the 2 lip balms is that the rose one gave a light tinted rose color to your lips, similar to a moisturizing light pink lip stick.
the color stayed for about 2-3 hours without eating or drinking for myself.

some of the key ingredients are meadowfoam oil, black currant oil and sugar.
meadowfoam oil and black currant oil have anti-oxidant properties which prevent premature aging.
also sugar and meadowfoam oil prevent moisture loss on skin.

although these lip balms are called sugar, it doesn't taste like sugar and it is not that yummy, i would liked it more if it has a sweet taste to it
it is likely that i will purchase this lip balm after i finish with this mini one from sephora. :)

available at: sephora (larger size)
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